The Dance


The bow, slender and tall

            Dark framed, attired in white,

Taut and highly tense,

            Erect, leaned by the wall…


A beautiful Cello

            Came in dressed all in blue,

Looked right and left, and saw the bow

            Walked over and said, “Hello!”


“How are you?” He replied, “I’m fine.”

            They chatted for a while…

The bow then bowed and asked, “Like to dance?”

            They did, – the music was divine!


The dance floor then by magic

            Tuned into a temple

The dance was prayer and worship,

            It really defied logic.


                                                G. E. Gorfu.


The views reflected in the above poem are solely of the author and are not necessarily shared by Meskot.  You may contact G.E. Gorfu for comments at .