People found a wonderful place to live in… beautiful landscapes, hills and mountains, rivers with fresh waters, forests with tress, and blue skies and sunshine. They lived in this place for quite a long time until their animals flourished and multiplied. They cut down many of the trees for fire and lumber for their home furnishings. Their animals needed fresh grazing lands. The people had no choice, but to move to a new place.

They moved to a new place. They also multiplied in numbers. Their knowledge and skill increased. They became more industrialized. But with more knowledge came more need and more appetite for material ‘things.’ To keep making these ‘things’ more raw materials were needed. People mined under the earth and went into space to make many wonderful ‘things.’

Freeways, smog and various types of pollutions followed. People disliked living in filthy. They organized and passed laws to cut down on pollutions. Industry found it difficult to comply with these new regulations. Factories had to close down. They did. Workers were laid off, and the factories relocated to new and faraway places. But the people needed jobs. They could not live without jobs. So, the people followed the factories and relocated to the new place.

But it was not very long before this place too, was getting crowded, and began to look like the place they had just left. They started to build new roads and new freeways for workers to commute back and forth, and get to work on time. In the new place, new communities began forming around the factories. How long will it be before they will start passing new laws to cut down on smog and all other kinds of pollutions? Where will the people move to next?

Is anyone looking far ahead? Where do we go from here, the moon?

   G.E. Gorfu (December 31, 2002)


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