Beautiful Work of Art

By Shashu Habtu


There lies a beautiful work of Art. Quiet, but alive. Each structure built with precision, meant to deliver much happiness to the world. She/he is sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes very vibrant but surely jolly. It is incredibly amazing to see such beauty.

So, you think I am talking about the physical. You only think of the outer. Look beyond the physical, go inside, just penetrate and see the work of art. What work of art? You might say. Well, there is a work of art that is alive, ever changing, ever being renewed, ever being built and refined like those ancient palaces. Must I say meticulously created like those ancient places of worship?

Yes, there is a work of art right within you. And where do you go searching to find that work of art? Somewhere, far away where you will be on your own? But do you forget that work of art is with you anyway? The work of art is that being that fears nothing. A work of art that is alive and living each second, each moment and never sleeps. It gazes to the world both day and night. That being has no borders, no walls no dividers.

It is the story of beings. Beings that do not know themselves. That are always looking and ever tiring themselves by looking. The treasure is nowhere else to be found. It is right there inside you. That is what you are looking for. But you have not gone far only changed places. The being is with you. It wants out to be free and be present. Somehow you think the environment is preventing it from revealing itself. No, do not feel cheated. Do not follow the shadow. You are it. You are the being camouflaged by your physical body.

Challenge, confrontation, work, time all are to be faced by you, the being. Do not for a moment think your being can't handle it. Do not say it is impossible. When you say can't or impossible it is the being that you are scared to face. You yourself are that being. You want to slow it down. But there is no slowing down. The being wants out. Deal with it, Face it, confront it and be present to it. There is no way you are going without it. So, face your challenges and resolve them so your being is fully expressed. Joy, victory, peace become your lot when you are one with your being.

New challenges come into being and you are under the illusion you don't know how to face them. Don't undermine your being. Your being is capable of so much you don't know. It will address anything and everything. It is your inner force, the one that defines you, the one that reflects radiance, the one that heals each strand of your physical body, the one that is empowered and empowers others that is the "Beautiful Work of Art". Those who see it appreciate it those who deal with it handle it with care and those who have not found themselves fear it.

Why fear? They say "Fear" stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real". That's right! When faced with obstacles or hindrances we attribute everything to the environment. The environment contributes but is it really the environment that has the answer to our solution? Believe in your being and you will overcome anything and everything. Failure to see your greatest gift is like stealing away the joy, you are depriving life that is meant to be lived by your being. The joy of oneness with your being and the indulgence with your true essence is you reason for being here to experience and overcome anything and everything. If you choose not to accept your inner gifts it will knock on your door as a challenge. And the challenge will come again and again and again until the oneness with the being is acknowledged.

Go, travel, see the world, acquire wealth, and play with your time. But there is nothing that will take you away from the self. There is nothing that will bring you peace. There is nothing that will console you in the darkness of the nights and in the light of daylight. You will need none if you are one with your being. You will fear nothing if you are one with your being. You will beg no one if you are one with your being. Why? Because your being, is peace, creator, love, happiness, truth, integrity, harmony and all. So, if all is that in the being what is there to search for? Really nothing, everything is a matter of choice. It is a choice to reside in the inner sanctuary of your beingness or not. What is there to look for if all is it, the being?

No one can try to run away from self. Do not be fooled. For a moment you want to numb yourself and escape your challenge. Yes, you will be able to do that temporarily until the honeymoon stops and there you face your being again whom you ignored and shut out. The battle continues. Once again your being struggles to free itself. Again the cycle of issues comes into being.

So, what of it you might say? When you face a challenge deal with it head on. Do not shy away from it. For a little while you will think it is not there.

But you forget that it is not the outer but the inner you are dealing with.

So, wherever you are and whatever you do however you situate yourself if you have not dealt with the inconvenience it will show up again and again until you face it and wholeheartedly deal with it. It is your being, not a stranger, just you, your own true essence.

Once you free yourself and be your being, time, place, event, surrounding will have no place. You become fully expressed no matter where you are. Wherever and whenever you are you become it, your being. It is your being. You walk tall, confident, fully expressed whether it be in the presence of the "mighty" or in the presence of the "weak". Bold, assertive, unstoppable, radiant becomes the definition of you. The tide, the wave, the sun, the rain, the cold, the heat, the problem, the challenge of life hit you head on and you withstand it all. Why? You have found the true essence of your being. It does not matter where or with who or what you do you are your being and no one, nothing can steal away that energy of your inner being. It is not the outer but the inner that really becomes present. Once you experience the inner there is nothing in this world that will take you away from it. You are it. So be it, do it and have it.

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