Life to be taken for granted?

(Part 1)

   A glorious day it would have been, was it not for the disparaging wake-up call that tediously dimmed the all too compelling sun.   Its rays dreadfully magnified the endless dried up festering bodies that were mercilessly being drawn into the dominion of inanity.  Dreams, some shortly conceived, others ultimately sought were replaced with the gripping realization that death was just around the corner, flirting, debating over which one to claim first.  It would add an ironic twist to the stage show if the elders suffered the twinge of loss of their youngsters.  Why should "he" be denied the privilege "he" has understatedly enjoyed eons long? it's just another superfluous catastrophe, another one of these agonistic tragedies that wont be endorsed by some...

      Her face was withdrawn, empathy written all over it, slowly eroding the strength she once held so dear.  Her eyes glazed and unseeing, reminded me of a butchered sheep, no longer in the presence of the authenticity that was so much a part of her world.  Spellbound in a cyclical road of non-ending tribulations, every line on her face, every drop of glistening sweat, every quiver of her lips that robbed her of the elation of livelihood, were signs of her body surrendering to the hunger pulverizing at her insides.  She looked down at her skeletal hands; the skin that covered them was creased and depleted like an old piece of rag.  A single tear run down her cheek, it was a cry of a wish to expire, a wish to depart the world with all its' predicaments.... it came and went unheard, concealed.

      She is one out of many victims of the famine that is hardheartedly overshadowing the lands of Ethiopia.  Families torn apart, parents seeing their children starve to fatality, scattered bloated carcasses of cattle...  a dreadful spectacle that can't be wished away with the blink of the eyes.   The nightmare has become a part of their daily lives, drowning them into a bottomless river with no dimensions.  Life has taken a bitter diversion from it's once exhilarating and prosperous deposit they all enjoyed.  It's tough to visualize these rattling skeletons as once having had a single energetic and vibrant fiber in their now scrawny and horrifying body.  The hunger has knocked the living life out of them; death has taken over, waving a flag of triumph... why are these innocent people condemned to see their peers fade away in front of their very eyes? ensnared in a no win situation, praying for the end to engulf them quickly.

     What does it feel to face death in the eyes? to witness your past and present hastily blend into an infinite array of incomprehension? when will the divine intervention take over? re-battle combats won, conquer imperfection and  rise above one's qualms! life must have a raison d'etre... without purpose there is no strength of character, without will there is no potential, without precedent there is no future.  How fastidious it must be to die infantile, ambitions disgruntled, dreams unfulfilled! how gratifying it is to die an innocent, non-perpetuated with the malevolence of the world.....

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