Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God.

The above quote from the Holy Bible is such a pride to many Ethiopians, and all of us tend to think that God is indeed so closer to us than any nation in the world.  I wish this could happen true, but I doubt.  Practically speaking, when we stretch our hands to God, we are somehow depriving ourselves [mind and body] from work, which keeps our whole being busy on begging, in which our sign of citizenship to the rest of the world is illustrated, which may need further thought and investigation.  Why do we stretch our hands for many thousand years?  There must be a point that if our stretching does not help us, we should change our strategy to approach God in a different way.

It is indeed fascinating to find the word ‘Ethiopia’, quoted many times in the Holy Bible, which has not guaranteed us to freed our beloved nation from poverty and diseases, rather our social issues and complications are getting deeper and stronger as days goes by.  Even though it is good to create close relationship with our Creator, our vain and empty prides, in which God may not like, may not allow us to enjoy closeness to Him.  Our belief system is such a strong and firm one that no power on earth can shake it, but our rational needs revision.  Faith should be supported by reasonable rational, which should permit us to do something practical and tangible, which should improve our mental, social and economic settings.

We have such a pride in belief, identity and history that what we think and define to our reality is not known by the foreign nations, that we live in such confusions that our ‘identity’ has never caused us a freedom that enjoys civilization and liberalism.  We always like to refer to history and old times tales whenever any incident happens to our nation or in the world, in which we assume that we are the centre of every thing, but practically speaking we are still living in the past dreams undermining our current potentials and capabilities which can create a better world than before.  Our history and tales could not provide us mental and social civilization for today.

We have the capability and enthusiasm to create a better world than ever, so why do we always dream our history as a point of reference for the future, a history that cannot be a warranty for our present development and progress.  Our history may serve as an inspiration, but we should not be captured as a slave for it.  We have to reorient our thinking about our own identity, which should be an identity of moral values and intellectual integrity. Our history has resulted in dreams that could not go beyond nightmares, with a hope that could not go beyond minutes and with thoughts that could not go beyond one room.

Our identity should be revised and no more historical reference may not be attributed to our current identity, our reality is what we are now, not what we were before 1000 years ago.  It does not mean that we need to forget our strong history, but we need to reorganize our mental settings to change ourselves into a better nation and citizenship.  Life is a constant struggle which demands ceaseless energies and expertise, which can be attributed positively, only if we work so hard than ever.

Our ancient history, civilization, and many other good heritages we had in the past do not provide any good for present, and our whole entirety needs revision and recreation in terms of thinking and attitude that we have for our own reality, which can only be justified as good if we show and change our reality in to a better level at this point of time.

Let us once and for all, join arms together, contemplating on what the current needs are, try to foster and build a nation whose foundation could not be shaken by any impediments, whether inside or outside. Our priority should focus not only ideals, but with practical steps that guarantee us to direct our steps to betterment, whose fruit maybe tasted by our children.  It is indeed the time to organize our energies, resources and talents, no matter how wide differences we have in thought, whose diversity colors our society with such flavor, to raise and work hand in hand, so that our ‘poor name’ may be blotted from the many tablets of this world, a world who prefers to magnify wrongs than rights, and shift our reality to a better reality than ever.

There is nothing unreachable, and every thing is achievable, but the most challenging part of our task, is to get the driving motto, “Will”.  So, let’s learn how to learn and develop how to exercise our will productively, so that our poor people may be once and for all be freed from the misery they have already encountered for centuries.

Our world is in our hands, let us not lose it from our palm, and seize our chances that time has granted us, which may not come again in decades or centuries.                                                                                                                                        

 Written by Dereje Amera

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