Exploring Jamestown and Williamsburg

 "I cannot believe I have 2 reports in history due Monday," whined Michael. His friends Ike, Ariel, and Adrienne had all finished their reports. "Why didn't you work on it at study hall?" asked Adrienne. Michael didn't answer. "See ya," said Michael, "I've got a lot of work to do." When Michael got home his brain exploded. He saw Pocahontas working. "Daddy," she called in Algonquian," another colonist is here."  And you wouldn't believe who he saw.  It was Chief Powhatan? "Iím not a colonist," yelled Michael. And then their was war. Michael sprinted to his room as fast as he could and you know who he saw. John Rolf, John Smith, Christopher Newport, and the other settlers & indentured servants. "What are you doing in Winchester? YOU ALL DIED YEARS AGO!!" Shouted Michael. "This is Jamestown and back there is Williamsburg. No win...chest- er whatcha ma call it," hesitated Newport. So for proof they went outside and guess what he saw. "It really is Jamestown. And look back their, is that Williamsburg," said Michael almost in shock. But he had much more important things to do he had to finish his reports and survive the Indians. But could he do that? I think he might be able to. Or not. Letís see.

Lucky enough he did but could it really be Powhatan Indians and English settlers. Michael has never been as excited or worried in his life. "So," said John Rolf in more of a happy mood. "Where do you want to start? There is a ton of things to look at come on We can show you anything you want to see." So as quiet as an echo of an echo Michael mumbled, "Jamestown?" "O.K. Great choice lets see. It was the 1st capitol of Virginia. They changed it cause it was to swampy. Come on why don't I give you a tour we will stop at Important places," exclaimed John Rolf. And that is what Michael, Rolf, Smith, and Newport did. "Hey, what are those?" asked Michael excitedly. "Oh, those are yihakens, Powhatan houses, they aren't important to us Englishmen," said captain Newport. Michael now knew why the Powhatans didn't like English. How can they be so selfish? He just went on. "Captain Smith," Said Michael, "Why are those people electing somebody?" "Oh, not just somebody they are electing two representatives to become Burgesses. Over Two-Hundred get elected. With the governor they make up the House of Burgesses. You will see that in Williamsburg. Come on we have no time to waste," Jabbered Captain Smith. Then Michael saw it. Three Humongous ships on a river that can take Michael home. "Newport, what are those Three ships, what is that fourth one coming and HOLY COW what are you doing in the fourth one?" I asked. "That big flagged one is the Susan Constant, the medium one is the Godspeed, the tiny one is the Discovery, and I came back from England on the Elizabeth," replied Newport. "Why did you even go to England?" I asked. He was shocked. How could he expect me to know all of that? "Well duh, we were out of food and supplies so I went to England to get some and to check if King James needed anything," said Newport. "So what happened?" asked Michael. "That," said John Rolf.

Michael thought that Pocahontas would be happy that John Smith left but when he saw her she was crying. No wonder in the movie she saved him. She liked him and thought he died? But who told her? O.K. why did Michael ask it was obviously an indentured servant. "Rolf, what did you eat during that time you starved, is it true you married Pocahontas, and why was Jamestown so important?"  Said Michael. "We ate crops like Tobacco plantations, corn, beans, and squash. It is true I married Pocahontas. And Jamestown made Virginia a colony, a royal colony and it was the 1st capitol of Virginia. Does that answer your questions?" So I said "Yes." "Ready for the Jamestown quiz?" asked Rolf.  So I took it. Missed nothing including the bonus. So next stop WILLIAMSBURG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

200 years later

It has been a year since Jamestown and Michael has warped in to Williamsburg. Williamsburg was not so great but it was 500 times better than Jamestown. Jamestown had Indian attacks. Williamsburg was changed to the capital for reasons like it had higher land and it was drier. "Where did the colonist go?" asked Michael to himself. "From Jamestown?" said somebody behind. Michael was scared. Could it still be natives? He was surely horrified but he had the guts to look. He couldn't believe what he saw it was a miracle! He saw Ike, Adrienne, and Ariel! They were at the House of Burgesses first meeting. Burgesses were representatives chosen by groups. Then they went to school in the William & Mary College. It was named after the 5th king and Queen of England starting with Queen Elizabeth I. They also named the city after King William. In colonial times they had Blacksmiths, and Farmers as jobs. [881] some farmers owned Plantations. Plantations were really big. Way bigger than regular farms. Such as Jamestown, Williamsburg was part of a frontier. Land that lies beyond the settled land. A copy of the British coat of arms is hanged in Williamsburg. The lion stands for England and the Unicorn stands for Scotland. When king Charles was King he became king of Great Britain instead for more power

So he holds the land of Great Britain, Jamestown and Williamsburg.



Algonquian- the Powhatan language

Burgess- a representative chosen by a group of people

Coat Of Arms- a logo of a place

Colonist- someone settling land

Colony- a settled state

Discovery- a small ship sailed to England

Elizabeth- A supply ship

Godspeed- A medium sized ship

Great Britain- Scotland and England

House of Burgesses- All the burgesses in one group

Indians- People that lived in Virginia before Jamestown

Jamestown- The first Colonial capital

King- The highest rank of power for men

Nomads- People that move place to place

Pocahontas- An Indian Princess

Powhatan- A leader of over 30 Algonquian tribes also called Powhatan

Queen- the highest rank of power for women

Royal Colony- a colony controlled by king or queen

Susan Constant- the flagged ship to go to Jamestown

Tobacco- A crop they ate

Williamsburg- the second capital of VA during Colonial times

Thank you very much for reading my story.

            From, Solomon Shewit

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