Life is Beautiful!

What makes our life more complicated than any other thing is our ignorance of the nature of our own reality, and our narrow-minded approaches toward the many aspects of our own life and to what people call “The Truth”, where we tend to compromise principles to our own emotions and feelings, tend to abuse the true nature of truth with our own personal hidden motives and desires.  Life on earth has counted more than many years, and no one has realized that whether mankind has lived with the standards and paths that are correct or not, but all people live in a way that they feel proper and their emotions dictate. What are left over may be observers’ suggestions towards people life style, and their comments the way it was supposed to be.  It is funny that people are good at giving advises on how the way of life should be, but never practice it when it comes to their own personal life. 

Our own interpretations on the way we live, and our willingness to translate into reality those ideals which are deep in thought is dependent up on our degree of maturity, our capabilities, and understanding of reality as well.  Our limitation, which is relative from society to society, has an impact on the understanding and realization of any concept in its wholesome, rather we are forced to have glimpse of what we can see from the whole, which may not be enough, and may also mislead and misguide others due to the interpretation we may come about from the part we are able to see.  This causes disastrous conclusions to the path we need to follow, and we may be forced to dwell on a sphere, which is hard to get out, but a world so warm and comfortable to us.

What make man so unique and great are the potential and the manifested capabilities, which can convert one element from one state to the other, and the capacity to use the power hidden in the realities of this cosmos, which can lead us to a deduction that man can do every thing.  Our theories, laws, and policies that we may come about today are the results of past transactions, and may serve us as good torching light for today, but they are not a guarantee for tomorrow’s world.  Tomorrow’s reality can be forecasted and modeled at present, but not necessarily can be exactly as perceived by today’s eye, and we should not expect like that.  For example, today the earth as said is spherical in shape, and tomorrow it can be completely circle.  This may not necessarily mean that the shape of the earth is changing from time to time, but may mean that the instruments that helped us to view the earth as spherical in shape may change and give us a conclusion which is different to the way we used to think before; or since change is something inevitable, due to the evolutionary process of life, the earth may change to a shape that is completely circle, by adding or reducing some new elements within it.

There is no guarantee to what we think, and believe, for every day may expect us with surprises, for life on earth is full of unpredictable phenomenon, which changes the course of our life from one extreme to the other.  Our belief and thinking are always tested through circumstances, which can influence the degree of our integrity and faith.  The amount or potency of the circumstances or situations [tests] that challenge the degree of our integrity are always greater in weight and volume than the amount of faith we have before this circumstances come.  That is why we are always required to be stronger and be patient under all conditions.  Allegorically it can be illustrated in the following way.

Oval: If we pass the test, our balance will be at least 101 kg.



Oval: Our balance before test equals 100 kg
Oval: The amount of test is always at least 101 kg.


 Written by Dereje Amera

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