What is Love?

What is love? Poets, singers, writers, philosophers and many other great people of the planet described in a tool they have felt it proper and describable, but no one has told us whether they have seen, or touched it.  Among the outer senses of man, the feeling that one has with the touch is the best experience that can be explained and described more understandably and comfortably to others.  Since no one has got the luck to touch love, for none meets love, it is an obligation to all of us to limit ourselves to feelings and emotions that personify what we all assume and wish, what “love” means to all of us in way how our emotions dictate us.  It is such a fascinating and abstract phenomena that the poets or thinkers of every century say something about love, in which many may agree or learn from them.

“Love” is a very interesting ingredient that sustains human beings until now.  Many have made their own wonders, adventures and life as well.  It gives life to the dead, eye to the blind and understanding to the heart.  Love has no class or particular race, love is not racist and discriminating, it is so generous that whomsoever seeks it, will find it.  It is enshrined in any human being’s heart, and it is a matter of revealing it.  How can a guitar will no make a sound, when the longing fingers touch it to play and have a sound from it?  The difference may be the type of the sound that is coming out from that guitar, which needs skill and desire, effort and passion, and the more we are on it, the sharpen the melody is.  And I think, the same may apply to love, it needs wisdom and tact, otherwise it may happen to lead to a different end.

Fire has no intention except giving heat and light to the needy, but the moment that needy abuses and puts it to a different place, the effect may go wrong and extinguish the whole.  But it is not the fault of the fire, but rather that of the user.  We have to know how to use love.  We need to find out the proper time and place, proper instruments that galvanize our whole being.  For some “love” means, “hate”.  When you love them, they will hate you, for they do not deserve “love”, in which they do not know it what it means by that.  When you give them your heart, they give you their backbone, for they do not realize what you have given them, they have pride which is a veil that curtains priceless gifts and shuts down immeasurable treasure. 

Human heart is the most expensive entity on earth that if all earthly treasures are summed up, they cannot be equivalent.  One should not give this priceless treasure to any one whom he meets on the road rather should contemplate to whom he needs to provide for it needs the best wisdom on earth, otherwise one is really abusing that one has possessed.  Human heart is not like a box of chocolate that one picks up from the department store rather it is a gem that is concealed within self whose treasure is unending and incalculable.

When one gets the right one’s heart “point of adoration” and starts falling in “love” with that turning point, one is entering in the most beautiful city which is not built by any of the famous architects and engineers of the world, which does not need any famous Holy wood movies for entertaining, no famous writer’s book to read, it is by itself self-sufficient, and which does not need any support and aid from whichever city or state in this planet, that it never demands one’s passport and visa to travel.  No earthly rule can prevent to enter to this city and no earthly power is equivalent to it.  It is such a safe and secured city to live in.  It is a place where one finds the unseen roses, undiscovered mysteries and untold secrets.  No one feels sad and stressed, it is a city of delight where the denizens in this city are so calm and relaxed, no one bites other and bothers about other’s affair.

It is such a delightful city I want to live in all my life.  But it is not an easy one, which demands chance [beyond one’s own control], efforts [initiatives], capacities [tolerance and understanding], and skills [manifested abilities].

 Written by Dereje Amera

The views reflected in the above article  are solely of the author and are not necessarily shared by Meskot.  You may contact Dereje Amera  for comments at dderseh@bwc.org .