My luck

By: Sibonay Shewit

      You might have had a lucky day before. Or maybe you have hade two. But I bet you haven't been lucky your whole life and you never knew it. Well I have and it took me one week to notice... one extremely lucky week.

     I was in class, staring at the clock. I was super excited because tomorrow was the 1st day of spring break and my friends (Nicole and Janet) and I were going to Ireland! I was way more excited than normally. That probably has something to do with the fact that my parents hired a body guard. But the only reason I think that's cool is because my parents only hired one just incase they think something might happen. I have been on hundreds  maybe thousands of trips by myself,(Okay maybe ten) but this time I had to beg them to let me go to Ireland. When my parents and I started talking (more like arguing) about it my mom send me to my room! Then in the morning they said I could go, but I can't tell any one my name (which is grace, is it that different? I bet there are many girls named grace in Ireland) or show anyone a picture of me or anything! I wanted to say stop treating me like a baby but I decided to save it. They also said to stay away from anyone who has a sharp accent, pointy ears, and a beard. I wonder why?

   Rrrrrring, the bell went off. Oh no my test!  I completely forgot all about it!  Since I had to turn in my test I just guessed. I worked super fast then turned in and rushed out of the classroom. Next stop: gym class.

       Yuck. I forgot that today was rope day! I just hate it when coach yonder yells “Wender, your up!" It really scares me. It is not that I can't climb the rope. Trust me; if any one can do it it would be me. It's just that since I have been able to do it in 30 seconds every year it the sixth grade coach yonder want me to do the extremely long rope. I heard that no one has been able to pass before. If I don't pass I fail gym class. If you fail you have to spend free period with coach yonder.  "Wender, you’re up!"  I walk up to the rope slowly and quietly no pressure no pressure no pressure. I tried to tell my self. Once I finally got to the rope coach yonder blew her whistle right into to my ear and started the timer. I pretended it didn't bother me and started up the rope. It felt like I’ve been climbing for a very long time. I finally got to the top and rang that bell. Once I got down all the girls congratulated me, not even wanting to know what my time was I left.

                        Once I got home I went to my room and started to pack. I just couldn't wait to leave. I wanted to pack quickly. Tomorrow I had to leave early... Like 6:00 early. My mom just came into my room, holding something in her hand. I wonder what it was." Hey mom" I said she sat down on my bed. She opens her palm and inside was beautiful necklace she put it in my hand said “Be careful." And then she left. Talk about weird.

               The next morning, once I was ready to go, I went up to my parent’s bedroom and said good-bye and then I saw Nicole’s’ dad’s car. I dragged my luggage up to the car and then put it in. Janet was fast a sleep. The whole trip was as silent as the midnight moon .When we got there we woke up Janet and went to are gate. Once we got on the plane I started to have a really strange feeling. As if some one was watching me. I looked around and noticed that Nicole and Janet were talking, the people behind us were loading there bags, and the people in front of us were reading a magazine. But the people sitting next to us were looking kind of suspicious. They all walk in without a luggage, sat down and took out the same book. The cover didn't tell what book it was. Let’s not forget that they wore all black and had a spy belt on. They look a little to old to be playing spy. The one sitting closest to me said to me. "Let me see that necklace."  He started to move closer and take it. Then a man came up to him and started to yell. I did not understand what he was saying. Finally he apologized. There was a silent moment where nobody -not even Nicole and Janet- said anything. "Well now that that's over" The man said. "We can all see what a pretty necklace that is. Maybe I should hold it for you." My fingers started to slip of the necklace. It was pushing towards him. “What are you doing to me?" I asked. “is that any way to speak to your grandfather?" what! He can't be my grandfather! This must be the reason why my mom told me to be careful. I started to yell "help me some one, any one!"

             "No one can hear you Grace. We are in the freeze of time. And there is a lot for you to learn, a whole lot to learn."

After that we started to talk. He told me things I didn't know like:

I am the princess of all magical creatures and that I am Irish. My guard was really one of his seven workers trying to steal the bracelet and that my parents didn't know that when they hired him. They also didn’t know that all my powers were hidden in the necklace and that only I can unlock the power. That he was working to make all magical creatures his slave and that my mother refused to help him. He says that only our powers combined could be undefeatable. I refused to help him. That is when my powers started to work and I defeated him. 

         Once we were done I went back to the real world I found a parcel. It said. Only will we place the luck on to one person that shall be Queen Grace Lunice Wender. That is when I thought about my life. I have always been lucky. And now I know why..... 

                                                                THE END 

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